Dear Friend,


The Jewish Women’s Circle event celebrating Tu B’Shvat, the birthday of the trees, began with a vegetarian buffet in the beautiful community room at the magnificent Gardens of the World.


While everyone filled up on delicious, nutritious foods utilizing the seven species that Israel is famous for (pomegranate salad, hot barley soup and fresh date challah just to name a few!), they also got a chance to read some interesting information about them, too, displayed in beautiful beaded holders 008_5A.JPGon the tables!


By the time we were re-filling our wine glasses with the exotic Chenin Blanc by Baron Herzog (sponsored by the Shifrin family, thank-you!), we were sufficiently relaxed and socialized! to hear about the meaning of Tu B’Shvat. We learned that a person is compared to a tree in many ways. Just as a tree’s strength is derived from the roots, which one cannot see, a person’s strength is derived from their good deeds and actions. Also, just as one significant way we can measure the success of a tree is by the fruit that it bears, so too, we can measure a person’s success by the effort that they instilled in their children.


Lisa Gailey did our event proud once again, with her magnificent floral arrangements all along the buffet tables and her centerpieces! Between Lisa’s flowers and the floral paper goods and art adorning the walls, it was all very appropriately…garden-yJ


Chef Ray Duey came with loads of talent and Chef Duey.jpgentertainment. Using his special carving tools, we all got to experiment with turnips, zucchinis and carrots, making butterflies and flowers! He ended off with a flourish as he turned a watermelon into a bouquet of flowers in less than five minutes as the dramatic music played!


Alison Cher won our raffle this time, she took home two free DVD’s demonstrating Chef Ray’s techniques! Everyone left with some food for thought, an article about Tu B’Shvat from this very website