Purim - Recap
At our latest Jewish Women's Circle event for Purim, we all gathered in Jane Brickner's warm, beautiful home for some delicious desserts, including a hot chocolate fountain!  After chatting for a bit over the brownies, hamantashen, fresh berries, and of course, chocolate! we gathered in the living room for a discussion on the heroine of the Purim story, Queen Esther.  Rebbetzin Chava Tombosky proved to be a fantastic storyteller as she weaved a fascinating tale of Esther's life, starting many years before the Purim story begins, and described the goings-on in the palace and beyond, focusing on Esther's heroic role in the Jews' salvation.  She ended off by discussing the four mitzvot of Purim.
We then headed to the kitchen where we had the opportunity to make our own hamantashen with a variety of fillings from raspberry jam to peanut butter to chocolate chips.  Everyone took home a hamentash recipe card.
Congratulations to Bridgett Jaffe, who won this class's raffle!  She is getting a dozen fresh hamantashen on Purim day!
Please come join us for our Pesach class on Monday, March 24th, at Kosher Connection, where Chef Avi Ben Arrouch will demonstrate in his industrial kitchen how to make tri-colored matzah balls and brisket.  We will then sample the matzah balls, brisket and other Pesach delicacies in the beautiful attached restaurant, including fine wines, as we learn about the Jewish women's pivotal role in the Jewish nation's redemption from Egyptian slavery.