Simchat Torah

Shmini Atzeret


1. Sunday, September 30 - 6:15 P.M.Shawarma.jpg

  • Middle-Eastern Shawarma* Buffet  Dinner
  • Israeli Hakkafot Dancing 

Brisket.jpg 2. 
Monday, October 1st - 6:15 p.m.


  • F ull American Brisket Dinner & Premium Scotch Whiskey (with the Bryski's)
  • Dancing with the Torahs




At the new Chabad of Thousand Oaks



1515 El Monte Drive



Event is free of charge. Sponsor - $100


Everyone is invited . If you do RSVP it is most appreciated.

Click here to RSVP 




Shemini Atzteret and Simchat Torah Prayer Schedule:



Sunday, September 30 - 6:15 P.M. - Evening Services and Hakafot -  Torah Celebration (Israeli Hakafot)

Monday,  October 1 - 10:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. - Yom Tov Morning Service, rain prayer and Yizkor with buffet lunch in the Sukkah

6:15 P.M. - Simchat Torah Celebration

Tuesday, October 1, 10:00 A.M. -
Yom Tov Morning Service and Hakkafot - with buffet lunch 


*Shawarma is prepared from thin cuts of seasoned marinated lamb, mutton, beef, chicken, or turkey. The slices are stacked on a  skewer approximately 2 feet (60 cm) high. Lamb fat may be added to provide extra moisture and flavor. A motorized spit slowly turns the stack of meat in front of a heating element, continuously roasting the outer layer. Shavings are cut off the rotating stack of meat for serving, customarily with a long sharp knife. Shawarma may be served on a plate, but is most commonly prepared as a  wrap inside of a  flatbread such as  laffaor  pita. It is often served with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, pickled vegetables, and  tahini sauce or  amba mango sauce. [1]