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Join other women for learning, discussion & inspiration
and delve into the Torah's timeless wisdom with Rebbetzin Shula Bryski.


Rosh Chodesh Society

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This year's RCS course, "Larger than Life: Weaving G‑d into the Details"

For centuries, Jewish values have shaped the moral compass of Western society. This course explores and provides the students with an in-depth understanding of the key Jewish values that were so influential in molding our civilization. This course focuses on areas outside the domain of the synagogue and Jewish ritual and explore what it means to live as a Jew in “the rest of our life,” and how a Jewish woman is expected to interact with the world around her. It shines a spotlight on the Torah view of our social and ethical responsibilities.

Each lesson of this course will contain an applicable, resonant, change-your-daily-life personal takeaway message for every woman who attends.  

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