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Don't Leave Me

I climbed into my little son's bed and kissed his long delicate lashes.  His face was flushed from a hot bath, and his eyes had been struggling to stay open as he waited for me to come say goodnight.
Now they fluttered and then closed as he felt my arm around him.42-17654018.jpg
Just when I thought he was deeply asleep, he startled me, whispering, "Don't leave me."
I smiled and hugged him tight. 
And then I thought, dear G-d, please make sure I don't leave him.
Allow me to be here for him physically, emotionally and spiritually.
And dear G-d, please don't leave me.
Allow me to feel Your presence, Your love.
When life is hurting.
When life is happy.
When I am awake and aware.
And when I am asleep.

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