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Rosh Chodesh Society: A Reason to Celebrate

Thursday, 7 November, 2013 - 2:08 pm

I exited the library last week with a tall pile of books, many of them classics I had read as a child.

As my own children become seasoned readers I want to encourage them to read the writings that had touched me; that I read over and over again.

This led to me myself revisiting these beloved worlds.

And I marveled at all of the new dimensions that jumped out at me; perhaps because it's been so long...I think it might be more because we ourselves change over the years.

Chanting the repetitive words of Good Night Moon with my three-year-old, I saw the appeal of the repetition- pleasurable, predictable, comforting. 

Looking at the familiar pictures in The King's Stilts as an adult, I noticed the skill in the nuanced drawings.classic books.jpg

Reading about Fantine's plight in Les Miserables as a mother made me understand more the pain in the depths of her soul. 

The nostalgia...and the newness of these old books got me thinking about all the different aspects of our childhoods- places, people, friends, foods, music, scents, anecdotes...spirituality...that we might experience years later in a whole different way. 

For a lot of Jews, being Jewish growing up meant enjoying the rich cultural aspects of the holiday seasons- sizzling latkes and menorahs on Chanukah, family Seders with matzah and horseradish on Passover, apples dipped in honey on Rosh Hashanah.

While actions are ultimately what sustain the value of these spiritual times, many of us were not exposed to the deeper messages and ideas behind the practices, behind the very holidays themselves.

Messages and ideas that are directly relevant to the way we think and feel and day-to-day life.

Without the inner meanings as an adult, we might perceive much of Judaism as "kids' stuff" or solely as a way to stay connected to our families and our past. 

I invite you to revisit the holidays with me- with the wisdom of our experiences and years behind us- and take a deeper look at the universal appeal of these special times of year.


In our upcoming Rosh Chodesh Society Course, A Reason to Celebrate; Illuminating Our Lives Through the Jewish Holidays, we will be examining their relevance to today's world, and specifically to women.

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