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Finding Faith

Monday, 25 November, 2013 - 12:54 am

On RCS Lesson 2, Asarah B'Tevet-Finding Faith; A Jewish Perspective on Pain and Suffering.

It was shortly after my son's bris when we realized he was extremely pale and rushed him to the emergency room.

For the next five hours, doctors, nurses, phlebotomists...poked him from head to toe, trying to find a vein so that he could receive a desperately-needed blood transfusion.

Understanding that he would have to undergo a cutdown if we failed to find a vein, I firmly restrained his tiny arms while my husband restrained his legs so that the medical professionals would have better access.

So there I was, a mother, unbearably yet willingly pinning my baby down so he could be poked.

But who did he turn to for comfort when we took a break from the torture so he could catch his breath?

Babymother.jpgThe same mother who pinned him down.

Perhaps we, too, are that little flailing infant.

Powerless.  Prodded, poked, some getting the wind knocked out of our Parent.

And we tremble and cry, are angry and hurting, and we can't begin to fathom the meaning in all of this.

And yet, we keep coming back to G-d, the Creator of our destinies, to connect with Him- because the cliche is true:  He comforts like no one else can.

Even when pain and suffering remain a mystery, even when we're angry, we want the comfort of His arms around us.

And so we keep coming back to You.

Some of the greatest leaders in Jewish history stood up to G-d; demanded to know why this world is so filled with suffering.

Is it OK for us to question, demand of G-d?

Can one have a dichotomy of pain and anger and faith?

Come share your thoughts this Sunday, December 1st, at our Rosh Chodesh Society session on Finding Faith.

PS- Thankfully, a nurse managed to find a vein, minutes away from a cutdown, and our son got the life-saving transfusion.

He is now a healthy, energetic ball of six-year-old energy!

We made a feast of thanksgiving, expressing gratitude to G-d and to all the doctors and nurses who made his recovery possible.

When life is good, we have to keep coming back to Him then, too.

Comments on: Finding Faith

Etty wrote...

How do you make such profound concepts so easy to understand? Love this Shula

Leah wrote...

Shula, thanks for sharing! I always enjoy reading your posts. You write beautifully. Painting such a vivid, real life, down to earth picture. ..bringing out such lofty concepts.