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The Woman in the Moon

Monday, 27 January, 2014 - 12:03 am

On RCS Lesson 4, Rosh Chodesh-The Woman in the Moon; Kabbalistic Insights into Femininity and the Jewish Calendar.

The moon.


At times barely a sliver; other times in full silvery splendor.

Isn't that the pattern of our lives?

One day we're feeling vibrant, reflecting light wherever we go; the next, life has us feeling small; and yet the next we're feeling pretty much invisible.

Until the time comes again when we're feeling seen, when we're illuminating our surroundings.

Why does Kabbalah compare specifically women to the moon?

Should a woman have a distinct role in spirituality? At home? In the workplace?

Come share your thoughts on Sunday, February 2nd, at our Rosh Chodesh Society session on The Woman in the Moon.

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