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Free At Last

Thursday, 13 March, 2014 - 1:46 pm

On Lesson 6, Pesach- Free At Last; Redifining Freedom in the 21st Century.

What is freedom?

Some might say sitting in the park on a sunny day.  Having your dream job.  Being able to retire.  Getting the garage organized.

The existential answers range from feeling joyful to living without depression or fear.

But is freedom only about removing ourselves from chains?

We cannot disentangle ourselves from emotional and psychological bondage simply to be free (a self-serving pursuit). 

With our success in removing constraints comes the importance of being free For Something. 

I want to feel less fear...but do I know how I will conduct my nights and days when I'm less fearful?

I want to get rid of my doubts and indecision...but do I know what I want to be decisive about?

I want to stop wanting material things to fill a void...but do I know what to fill that void with?

When our freedom is not directed towards a goal, freedom isn't free.

Freedom then comes with a price, not a purpose.Brokenchains.jpg

The same purpose of the Jews who left slavery in Egypt after Moshe told Pharoh to "let my people go," as he explained, "so that they may serve G-d." 

It's been three thousand years since that conversation, but Egypt remains not only a geographic location, it is also a mindset.

We still want to "let ourselves go" from the bondage of self.

So what do we want to do with our freedom?

Beyond sitting in the sun and dream jobs and living without fear, at our essence, we want to lead our most meaningful life possible, infused with spirituality.  Thinking about the world outside ourselves; our Creator's desires, others' needs. 

On the deepest level, we simply want to serve G-d.

What does freedom mean to you?

Is there a universal definition?

Come share your thoughts on Sunday, April 6th, at our Rosh Chodesh Society session on being Free At Last.

This blog is inspired by my latest Passover efforts.

As I had to accept that there are certain house projects that I once again will probably not get to in the annual deep-cleaning fest, I began wondering what would replace all the tasks that have grown so large in my thoughts: What if all these projects were done?  What if I was able to clean up all the clutter in my mind?  What if all my circumstances were perfect?  What would life...freedom...look like then?

Deep down I know that whether wonderful improvements are in store, or things will stay exactly the same, the key to freedom was and always will be accepting my reality and asking myself how I can infuse spiritual meaning in the here and now.

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