Moshiach's Seudah - Moshiach's Feast

with Special Guest Speaker

On Tuesday, April 30, 6:30 PM

Celebrate and learn about the coming redemption with the arrival of the Moshiach. Enjoy delicious wines and a light dinner.  


Beis Hamikdosh

On the final day  of Passover we focus on the imminent redemption and the era of Moshiach.
Following the Baal Shem Tov's custom, we end Passover with "Moshiach's Meal"—a festive meal complete with matzah and four cups of wine, during which we celebrate the imminent arrival of the Moshiach.  

The Moshiach Seudah, will take place at 
Chabad of Thousand Oaks
1515 El Monte Dr.